All bookings start with a basic cleaning, which is detailed under the service tab. You can make a booking through the Nippy Pro app, or on the web. We'll collect a few personal details (like your name, number and email), your address (so a professional can locate your home), and your payment information (YASSS! We are cashless!), you can download the app to access location tracking, tipping, and more!

To get a quote, simply upload your booking details. Once your needs are confirmed, we'll show you the price and savings as well as reward points you accumulate. Friendly reminder that bookings carry a two and a half hour minimum.

1. Select the date and time.
2. Select number of hours.
3. Add any Additional Services.
4. Select Frequency Price varies based off frequency of booking.
5. Complete details about pets, home access, and additional comments.
6. Add photo to show specifics to cleaner.
7. Enter any promo codes and submit payment
8. Once a Cleaner accepts your request you will be notified.

Whether or not you're home during your booking is completely up to you! When you make a booking, you'll be prompted to give your professional entry instructions. If you have a doorman or can hide a key somewhere, there's no need for you to be home. Or, feel free to stick around during the booking. Whatever you're most comfortable with is fine.

In any case, please don't forget about your bookings. We'll remind you with an email, a text message, and a push notification, but if your pro can't get in the door by following your entry instructions, or if you aren't home when you said you would be, you'll be charged the full cost of the booking.

Your happiness is our goal. If you’re not happy, we’ll work to make it right.

Nippy strives to match you with quality professionals for your home every time. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of the service of one of your pros, let us know and we’ll work to make it right. And in the rare event of damage, every booking made through the Nippy platform is insured.

Subject to certain terms and conditions that can be found in the terms of service. The Fresh & Clean Guarantee applies if:

The scope of work that you were charged for was not completed to your satisfaction, or your property was damaged as a direct result of the service booked through the Nippy platform* The service was completed within the past 48 hours. For recurring services, each appointment is treated as a separate occurrence.

Your account is in good standing without unpaid balances

*In the event of damage or a missing item, Nippy will require documentation to prove value, ownership and damage in order to process the claim. Nippy has the right in its sole discretion to honor accept or deny any claim at any time.

The Handy platform is made to be flexible, but we have some rules.

Our policies are designed to promote a reliable, consistent experience for customers and pros alike.

While we know schedules can change quickly, rescheduling or skipping a booking with short notice causes professionals to lose valuable work. Therefore, fees apply!

Failure to start job at times specified by user and user complains (after 15 min grace period) $20
Service professional leaves before job has completed $20
Service professional cancels or reschedules less than 48 less up to 25 hours notice $20
Service professional cancels or reschedules less than 24 hours notice $50
Service professional fails to appear for book job without notice to use or handy $75 fee up to including termination of nippy platform
Service professional fails to complete job to the satisfaction of user (as reported by user)resulting in a refund or credit to use $20
Service professional request payment remission ahead of standard schedule $5 fee per request
User cancels 48 hours less up to 25 hours prior to start of the job $20.
User cancels 24 hours up to 13 hours prior to start of the job $50 // there will be an automatic fee
User cancels 12 hours Less prior to start of the job $75 fee. No payment if user cancels as a result of reported failure to appear for book job without notice on behalf of professional.
inability to perform services not attributable to either party, (situations varies nippy holds final say) $20
Damage and or loss of a users items or property fee of $20 based on the lost or as otherwise negotiated nippy damage policy should be upheld first and foremost
All Pets should be Maintained and secured while cleaning is in progress. Failure to do so at the service professional request could result in $50 non refundable fee (at the professional complaints)
General inability to perform service/ or conflicts with rules and agreements stated within the Nippy platform $20 (parking restrictions were not detailed and professional could not park due to regulated restrictions)
Off the platform fee if service professional engages uses to provide services outside of Nippy platform $150 fee up to $500 and possible termination off platform.