About us

About Nippy

Nippy is a trending new platform inspired by dedicated professionals that have worked within the sharing community for connecting people looking for household services, with superior, prevetted independent contract service professionals. Focusing on home cleaning services, Nippy will expand in offering more home services and matching customers and professionals in cities around the world. Booking a service has become seamless with our mobile app or online website, while also enjoying the safety of our secure payment process, and The Fresh and Clean Guarantee.

Our Story

Nippy, formerly known as Fresh & Clean was founded in 2016 providing quality services throughout Los Angeles and reviving hope in the true meaning of customer service. With the rising popularity of the gig/sharing economy, the attention to detail, customer satisfaction, and contractor happiness was quickly declining. Brian Williamson then, 26 years young, experienced the many concerns while working directly with consumers and freelancers, decided to make a change. With the goal to bridge the communication gap between clients and consumers, restore and remind the value of customer service and promote a healthy perspective of a gig/sharing community, the Nippy vision was created.


Brian Williamson is the founder of Nippy. Prior to founding Nippy, Brian worked as a sales rep for Frito Lay for seven years, and a mentor for Lyft. It was during this time, Brian understood the importance of having a supportive community. Once Lyft ended the mentor program, he began to embrace a natural gift of making people feel at home, providing home cleaning services as an Independent contractor. Realizing this new profession was something that filled a desire to help more people while being able to help himself, ignited a now emerging startup called Nippy.


Thank you

I would like to thank everyone that has trusted me with their home or office through the years. I've had the honor to become a part of some amazing families and experience first time adventures. Thank you to my support group at G-Train Fitness and Garry Mathews for creating a safe haven that welcomes anyone ready to change their life. Thank you to Josh Triplett and the Triplett family for supporting my visions and creating new boundaries.Thank you to Mahal Moss, you have been by my side the entire time, all of your hard work and effort is truly appreciated.

Special thanks to the development team, graphic designers, and artist that contributed in any way to Nippy and for your patience, guidance, and unwavering support!